St. Paul’s Nursery and Day School accepts children, on a space available basis, in order of application, to the following priorities:

    1. Children already attending
    2. Children whose parents serve (have served) as teachers or on the Board of Directors.
    3. Children whose parents have been active, pledging members of St. Paul’s Church for at least one year before school entrance. Parishioners must make application before February 1 of their entering year.
    4. Siblings of those attending St. Paul’s Nursery and Day School.
    5. Siblings of Alumni of St. Paul’s Nursery and Day School.
    6. Children of Alumni of St. Paul’s Nursery and Day School.
    7.  All others.

A child must have passed his birthday by October 1 to be eligible for admission in the Three and the Four Year Old Classes. The Five Year Class age is more flexible. St. Paul’s School accepts children regardless of race, religion or national origin.

If you have a question about your church membership, please call Oran Warder, Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

For more information on the school, please call our Headmistress, Martha Scott Schafer.

Further Information