A Message from the Headmistress

Thank you for your interest in St. Paul’s Nursery and Day School. Whether you are a present family, past family, an alumnus or are brand new to our school, we welcome you!

St. Paul’s has the very real luxury of being a small school. There isn’t a child in this school that we don’t know. We strive to get to know not just your child, but you….in this way we can work together for your child.

The beauty of learning at our school is that the curriculum is totally focused on the early childhood years. Our team of degreed and experienced teachers set curricular goals and implement projects, activities, units of study, and field trips with their student’s abilities and interests in mind. We believe that the years between three and six are the most intensely productive of a child’s life. St. Paul’s children have the opportunity to be challenged, to pace themselves and to excel in ways that fit their own unique development.

Three, four and five year olds are the ones who show us and remind us every day of what it means to enjoy living and learning and life. They are filled with an unparalleled zest for each new day. If there is one message I have for you, it is to take the time to enjoy this age. There are mornings that I may dread a task or a problem or an adult that will be waiting for me at school. That all disappears when the children arrive. It is the children and their joy that have kept me a fulfilled and enthusiastic educator at St. Paul’s for the last 35 years.

The best way to get to know our school is to see it for yourself! We offer tours and an Open House, which provide an opportunity for you to meet individually with me or a member of our staff. Please give me a call and we will begin the journey together.


Martha Scott Schafer